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Charting A Drive: If only

This is Kasey Klipsch’s weekly column

To start the 3rd quarter the Redskins had taken advantage of an uncharacteristic Manning fumble to trim the score to 17-14 Colts. The drive after this Joe Addai had the best run of his career and topped the drive off with a 13 yard TD run. The ‘Skins got the ball on their own 14. With the score 24-14 Colts it was time for the defense to take control of this game and turn it into a blowout. Five plays later the Colts D had done their job and it was time to punt. Unfortunately, the punt was muffed and counted as a positive 30 yard gain. To me, this drive was a microcosm for the entire game. The Colts schematically were near perfect and they dominated the LOS. Their tackling was horrendous and an untimely turnover made the whole performance moot.

Play #1: 1-10-Was 14 – Torain left end for 2 yards (tackled by Powers)
Colts Formation: 4-3 (CB in the box following 2nd TE)
Play: Session causes Torain to bounce outside and Powers hits him out of bounds.
-Mathis is doubled by the RTE and the RT. The RTE handles him well and he is run away from.
-Muir is stopped at the LOS by the C.
– Mookie is blocked 2 yards off the LOS by the LG.
– The pulling RG blocks Freeney (who has done an inside move).
– The LT blows up Angerer.
– The FB blocks Session, but he sheds and breaks up the play.
– Wheeler is impeded by Mookie getting knocked off the LOS, but is in position to make the play if Powers doesn’t (as are Session and Bethea).
– Collinsworth claims that it is a bad cut by Torain, but if you follow the play he didn’t have a cut back lane either.

Play #2 2-8-Was 16 – Sellers dump off pass 12 yards (tackled by Francisco)
Was Formation: 2 TE (both right side)/ 1 FB
Colts Formation: 4-3 (CB in the box on TE)
Play: Sellers is the safety valve and is beautifully covered by the 3 Colts LBs. Angerer is in perfect position to break up the play. Unfortunately, all 3 LBs miss tackles!
– Hayden is pulled into coverage on first RTE.
– Second RTE goes into route as well.
– RT handles Mathis.
– Muir pushes the RG back, chipping FB slows him but he applies pressure to McNabb (causing him to move to Freeney).
– C stones Mookie.
– Freeney splits LG/LT double and almost takes McNabb down (great move). McNabb barely escapes (another great move) and dumps off to Sellers.
Play #3 1-10-Was 28 – Sellers dump off pass 5 yards (Powers and Angerer make the tackle)
Was Formation: 1 TE (right)/ 1 FB/ 2 WR (1 left, other close right)
Colts Formation: 4-3 standard
Play: Good pocket and good coverage. McNabb dumps off to Sellers, Wheeler makes a great open field tackle and Angerer is there to back him up.
– RT blocks Mathis well.
– RG/FB handle stunting Moala.
– C is almost beat by Mookie (who, along with Freeney, forces the dump off).
– LT handles Freeney (he has LG help but doesn’t need it).

Play # 4 2-5-Was 33 – Torain run left end -1 yard (Powers and Dawson tackle)
Was Formation: 1 TE (left)/ 1 FB/ 2 WR (both out wide)
Colts Formation: 4-3 standard
Play: Moala blows this play all the way up but misses the tackle for a loss. Mathis is literally tackled in the most egregious hold I’ve seen in a while. Power cleans up an easy tackle.
– No one blocks Mathis (until the hold) but he is being run away from.
– RT blocks Session (poorly).
– RG blows Mookie off the LOS.
– Moala blows right past the C who has no choice but to tackle Mathis.
– LG holds up against Dawson.
– LT blocks Wheeler.
– Angerer is in coverage.
Play #5 3-6-Was 32 – Incomplete to Cooley
Was Formation: 1 TE (right side) / 3 WR (1 in TE spot on L, other 2 close right)
Colts Formation: Dime (Mathis/Freeney/Foster down linemen, Dawson/Angerer standing at LOS)
Play: McNabb throws into good coverage. Powers makes a great play to break it up but he has at least 2 other DBs in coverage to help him
– Mathis stunts behind Angerer. Is picked up no problem by the RG.
– Angerer is blocked easily by the RT.
– Foster stays back to cover the releasing HB.
– Dawson is doubled by the LG/LT.
– Freeney gets no penetration against the chipping HB and the C.

Hunter the Punter then punts the ball. Moore just doesn’t protect the ball well and fumbles it. Basically this is a 40 yard play for Washington. They turn it into a field goal, staying in the game 24-17.


Ok, I’m on record now, make my annual Christmas present jersey a #95. While I understand why people are excited about Angerer, Moala has become my new favorite. Even though he missed the tackle in the backfield on this drive, he was hugely disruptive. On plays where he doesn’t get penetration, he is at least holding his position. Freeney once again disproves the myth that he is only good at rushing the passer. Having said all that, we need to remember that the Redskins O-Line is in shambles. They are dealing with injuries and reshuffling much like the Colts. Further our LBs are hot and cold. They play exactly in position and then get embarrassed by Sellers. Powers looked magnificent but our special teams looked terrible. If we hadn’t given up stupid plays this drive would have been dominant. Like I said, a microcosm for the entire game.

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Kasey Klipsch (kasey_junk@myrealbox.com) has no football experience above the grade school level. He grew up in Indianapolis rooting for the Colts and is a season ticket holder. He comments around the Colts blogosphere as kasey_junk. He also writes a weekly picks column for The Fantasy Ninjas (www.thefantasyninjas.com) under the nickname “The Real KC”.