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CHFF making sense…praising DZ and BBS…world coming to an end…

Bill Belichick is not a nice man.

People in the media don’t like him.

Neither do I.

Some of us can stow the loathing for 5 minutes.  Others can’t.

After his call the other night, the MSM swarmed Belichick like sharks in a tank full of chum, eagerly extracting their pound of flesh as payback for all the times he’s dissed them.  Believe me, I’m not sad Bsquared is getting pummled, I just wish it would have been for any of the many good reasons and not the one thing he did Sunday that made sense.

Apparently, I’m not alone.  Our dear friends over at Cold Hard Football Facts have noticed that bloggers seem to be at odds with the vast majority of the mainstream press.   They cite 18to88 favorites like:  18to88.com (yeah, we are our own favorite.  Deal with it.  Just consider following that embedded link as some kind of existential ironic commentary), Stampede Blue, and fellow Bloguin site Foxboro Blog.

CHFF comments: The irony here is that 18to88 is a blog run by hopeless Colts-loving homers (and also CHFF contributors). But at least they’re up front about their biases … and they still offer more rational, two-sided analysis than the “objective” mainstream media, who provide lead stories with witticisms such as “fourth-and-jackass.” Somewhere, Mark Twain’s sense of humor cringed in its grave.