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Christmas Eve Links

Check out this hilarious column from Sportsline’s Mike Freeman. This reeks of a journalist who flew to Foxborough to write a glowing piece about New England at all costs. It didn’t matter that the actual game was unimpressive and that the 22-point underdog Dolphins moved the ball on New England and probably should have had one or two more touchdowns. How was Lemon’s ball not over the pylon? It didn’t matter that Tom Brady looked like a one note passer winging the ball 50 yards downfield hoping to set an NFL record for the most Hail Marys in a season. It didn’t matter that Brady threw two picks and could easily have had one or two more. It didn’t matter that Brady most likely choked away the record for best passer rating in a season against the 1-13 Dolphins. None of that mattered.

Don Banks breaks down each team’s odds of beating the Pats.

CHFF has to admit that Brady’s season, while great, isn’t really the best of all time. Well they don’t go quite that far, but they ought to.

FO asks many of the same questions about Tommy’s season that we have been.

We’ll try to add more links later (maybe some of them will actually be about the Colts), but let me leave you with a question: Some experts are saying that Coughlin and the Giants should rest players against the Pats next week, and I have to agree. But is it a good thing to head into the playoffs knowing you just allowed two of the most famous NFL records to be broken in your own stadium? Just asking.

DZ Comments: 18 Plays is up. It’s a bit shorter this week, and doesn’t actually cover 18 Plays, because well, that game didn’t really mean much. It will be our last offering of the regular season.

My announcing highlight of the day last night was Nantz talking about the Patriots run at the most points ever by a team. He comments, “Randy Moss was on that Vikings team that set the record too”, as if it was a fun fact only coincidentally related to the record. Um, he’s the reason, Jimmy. It’s ALL about him.