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Colts sign 13 Undrafted Free Agents

Read about it from Mike Chappell here. Here is how Indy’s recent additions break down by position:

WR (1 drafted, 3 undrafted)
QB (1 undrafted)
OT (1 undrafted)
OG (3 drafted)
TE (2 drafted)
RB (1 drafted, 1 undrafted)
DT (3 undrafted)
LB (1 drafted, 1 undrafted)
DE (1 drafted, 1 undrated)
DB (2 undrafted)
There have been 13 offensive additions and 9 on defense. The low number of defensive backs stands out to me. Teams obviously need a lot of DBs because there can be between 4 and 7 on the field on any given play. Polian must be temporarily satisfied with this area.
Many thought the fact that the Colts drafted only one late-round receiver implied that Marvin Harrison would be ready to go. Maybe it does, but there will definitely be a battle for the number four spot on the team.