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Dogs with Bite

Good news for everyone who still loves basketball in Indiana (both of you), the Butler Bulldogs will bark again this weekend.

Before I go on, I apologize for the slow week, but I’m fighting the flu and breaking in a new computer at the same time, so with nothing interesting happening with the Colts, I haven’t forced myself to write something just to have something to talk about.  And for the record, no, I don’t find rumors about Incognito that don’t pan out to be interesting at all…that felt like like a ‘no effing way’ story from the go.  That was  typical Florio nonsense.

No, what really interested me this week was seeing how Butler was going to come out today.  I’ve been a closet Butler fan since my dad used to take me to their games when I was a kid. I own exactly one Butler shirt.  Does that make me a band wagoner?  Sure, but with the state of round ball in the State of Round Ball, what choice do I have?  The Irish already went down, and I’m morally opposed to rooting for Purdue basketball (not that it would matter).  So that leaves Butler.

Unfortunately, because the NCAA powers that be hate Butler and love to give them a crappy seed, no matter what the rest of the country thinks, the odds aren’t great that we’ll see a Hoosier college in the Sweet Sixteen.  (edit:  Yeah, so I’m a retard.  I slept through the afternoon games (remember the flu?).  I didn’t put together that Butler was playing Murray State.  Color me “idiot”)  That didn’t stop me from putting the ‘Dogs in my Final Four.  Butler playing in the Luke?

What could be better?

Other than, you know, football season coming back.