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Dunlevy on CHFF: Brady Not Up to the Task

Kerry Byrne:  Can you write a piece about Tom Brady?

Me:  I’m crazy busy today and don’t have time…but did you say Tom Brady?

Kerry: Yeah, Brady.

Me:  Oh my yes.  Let me drop what I’m doing.

This is the result.

His 2007 and 2010 seasons rank as two of the most spectacular passing efforts in history and netted him two MVP awards (assuming, as we all do, that he wins the award for the 2010 season). Brady saw his yards per attempt spike to 9.0 and beyond, as his passer rating twice soared above 110, a level few men had ever achieved. Nobody had done it twice.  Without question, Brady is a better quarterback today than he ever was when the Patriots were winning Super Bowls. He has improved in every aspect of playing the position.
They don’t call him a caretaker anymore.
They don’t call him a system quarterback anymore.
But they don’t call him a champion anymore, either.