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Eyes in the…I’ll just rest up instead of typing  more

Eyes in the Backfield is up.  Here’s the preview:

Last week,
we witnessed on of the great games in Colts history.  For years, we’ll
remember the night when we saw Manning at the absolute peak of his
powers. His reward?  A nice relaxing trip to the bench.  That’s right,
it’s December and the Titans are in town, so it must mean that it’s
Sorgi time.  This week watch for:

1.  At least 100 yards. 
Peyton needs 93 for 4000.  Don’t think he doesn’t know exactly what he
needs.  It’s a good bet he throws for a couple of scores too.  If the
Colts get in tight on the goal line, watch for passes.  Peyton knows he
can seal up a third MVP award with even a ‘modest’ quarter or half. 

2.  Don’t watch for sacks in the first quarter.  These two teams feature the lowest “adjusted sack rates
in the NFL.  On one hand the Titans have a bruising line that keeps
their QB clean.  On the Colts side, they have Peyton Manning.  Once he
leaves the game, watch for Sorgi to go down often.

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You know your team sucks when:
They had three possible OF options (Hariston Jr, Baldelli, and Taveras) and the invariably sign the most useless of the three.  Awesome. Taveras is a glorified pinch runner who could barely post a .300 OB% in Coors freaking Field.   I know the other two were massive injury risks, but I’d rather have a guy who might be good when healthy than a guy I know will play every day and suck.  Why not just resign Corey Patterson?  Ugh.