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Eye of the Storm

It’s playoff time.  When last these two teams met, the Colts came away with a clutch win
in one of the best games of the year.  Now, they meet again with both
teams blazingly hot.  The winner may well storm the gates of Tampa,
Florida, while the loser will have massive questions to answer.  This
week, keep an eye on:

1.  Antonio Gates.  In his last four games
against Indy, here are his numbers:  3 for 28.  2 for 28. 3 for 26. 6
for 29. No touchdowns. The problem is that Gary Brackett played in all
those games, but he won’t play this week.  His loss could prove fatal
for the Colts.

2.  Watch the deep ball.  The Chargers run a vertical passing game that should fit right in
with Indy’s defense.  However in the November game, Rivers threw 2 (of
the six all year) TD passes against the Colts, and completed several
deep throws.  He has just the kind of accuracy that can tear up a
Cover-2.  This could be like Pennington in 02.  Noodle armed, accurate
QBs with good timing can beat this defense, especially with tall WRs against the Colts smaller corners.

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