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Fan Camp Report – Coltsfanawalt

(Editor’s note:  This is our second entry in the Fan Report Contest.  If you are going to Colts camp, be sure to email us at 18to88@gmail.com with your write up of the experience Again, I apologize for the ‘jump’, but the article is wonderfully long

My wife and our three children accompanied me for our annual pilgrimage to Terre Haute and Colts Training Camp. We went to both practices today (Friday, Aug 7). This year they used the main field in the morning and the other two fields in the afternoon. This was the opposite of what they did last year on the day we were there. We like the other two fields better because, though there is less seating, you can get closer to the players. Autographs happen more over there because of this. Additionally, my two daughters can roam around in such places as under the bleachers, while my wife, son and I can enjoy the practice.

There were so many things I took in, I doubt I’ll remember them all in this report. I should’ve brought a pad of paper for note-keeping, but I doubt I’d have wanted to take my eyes off the field to print my thoughts anyway. So here are some of my observations.

The morning was essentially a walkthrough. No tackling or hard hitting. Just plays being calmly executed. I noticed throughout the day that the starting OL was consistent. Ugoh, Lilja, Saturday, Pollak and Diem. Ugoh dressed down and sat out in the afternoon for some reason, so Federkeil and Hilliard swapped turns filling his shoes. Barring injury, the starting OL seems pretty locked.

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