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For the fans of irony

Ron “Jaws” Jaworski thinks that Randy Moss took some plays off versus the Eagles last week. That doesn’t sound like the famous “Patriot Way” that we have been hearing about for 7 years. After seeing a few of the alleged plays on ESPN it appears Jaws is correct. It’s not that big of a surprise, given this has been Randy’s m.o. since his days with the Vikings.

The Patriots won the game so in one sense it doesn’t matter. The bigger question is whether the club would come rushing to their teammate’s defense. The talk before the season was that the New England locker room would drop the hammer on Moss if his old behavior reared its head. Moss was one misstep from the unemployment line. A lot can change in 13 weeks.

Who needs who more? Tom Brady’s response says it all: You go out and tell a world-class sprinter to run 50, 50-yard dashes, the idea is ‘you better have it when you need it.’ And Randy is a smart player and he knows when he needs it,” Brady said.