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Fun from the mailbag…

Frequent emailer Bob M chimes into today:

This one is intended to be funny and as such I think it’s pretty good. Cook, a Chicagoan, is usually very supportive of the Colts. Clearly he’s as fed up with the Favre-love in the media as anybody.
You know, since the Colts lost I have added minimum 20 hours a week back to my life for the little things, like work productivity, reading, sleeping. I would have preferred three more weeks of sleep deprivation and 2 a.m. Internet searches for the latest, but sometimes the fans need downtime too. Enjoy the off-season.

He also threw us this Boston/NY link.

Joel gives us this gem:
Wow…Mad Jack has a coaching tree!
Speaking of coaching trees, it’s hard to pinpoint where you put Jack…he was Ditka’s conditioning coach with the Saints; then Billick’s LB coach with the Ravens; then Fox’s D Coordinator with the Panthers. Hmm…I’d venture to say that it was under Billick that he first made his name, which would technically put him in the Dennis Green tree. Which would make him just one branch away from Tony Dungy. Holy crap.

I love Wikipedia…a couple facts I never knew about him:

1) His middle name is “Lebron.” Can that really be true?
2) He retired when he lost his starting job to rookie linebacker Zach Thomas.
3) Mad Jack’s college roommate was Sean Salisbury.
The Jags apparently did not exist from 2000-2003

Thanks man, that is amazing stuff. Lebron, huh? Sounds like a new nickname is brewing…I don’t know…King Jack? As for the Dungy/Del Rio connection, they do have one, but I can’t remember it. I remember when he was first hired in Jacksonville, that Tony always gave him big hugs for some reason. They know each other well from somewhere, but the link is escaping me. Can someone help me out on this? Did Mad Jack play LB for Tony in Minnesota or something? Could King Jack be the bastard child of the Dungy coaching tree? Say it ain’t so…

UPDATE: It’s TRUE! King Jack did in fact play for Tony in Minnesota! There goes the “coaching tree” argument for Tony making the Hall of Fame. Jack Del Rio in your tree sort of ruins the whole concept. Lovie Smith would have to win about 3 titles before he would make up for that…

Here’s a good piece by John Clayton about franchise QBs…