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Get Lost! Our 2008 NFL Predictions.

When it comes to proving the full extent of our geekhood, we figured the only way to top comparing NFL teams to a wildly popular movie that millions have seen was to compare NFL teams to a reasonably obscure niche show with a complex story arch and lots of arcane references to pop culture, sci-fi, historical and literary icons.
Yeah, you got it… this year we take on Lost. If you don’t watch Lost, you may not get the joke, but consider that your penance for not watching Lost. So without further ado, enjoy our 2008 NFL Predictions.

LINKS: CHFF gets it right on the AFC South. Listen, the Jags haven’t added anyone in the offseason. Porter and Williamson both suck (Porter can barely walk), and they traded their whole draft for a guy who won’t be effective for two months at least. Everyone is worried about the Colts injuries but: 1. The injuries were worse last year and 2. Interior line injuries aren’t as bad as tackle injuries and 3. The rest of the roster has improved. We still don’t know if Freeney is ok, but that won’t matter for the division. The Jholes are primed for a MAJOR regression. It’s far more likely that VY figures it out in Tennessee or Houston stays healthy and makes the leap. Jacksonville is the 4th best team in the South.

Dr Z has the Colts really low. That will work itself out soon enough.

ESPN moves up to fourth.

Prisco gives us some love. That’s trouble.

Peyton is ready to go. Yawn.

FO lists the DVOA numbers. They hate on the Colts D. Explanations may be forthcoming. Thanks to Shake for the link.