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Gonzo to IR

It sucks to lose such a good player to a cheap shot hit.

I called this one yesterday in Eyes.  Indy brings up Andre Brown from the practice squad to replace him.

Two site notes:

1.  I’ll be on with Jersey Johnny tonight at 7:30 on WIBC 93.1.  You can listen live on line here.  We recorded the interview yesterday.

2.  My intrepid reporters just finished an interview with Hall of Famer and former Colt Eric Dickerson.  It’s been a good week. We’ll have the video of it up later this week.

Next week, the guys will be heading out to interview Joseph Addai. On Tuesday, he’ll be at the Fed Ex Office at 120 Monument Circle, in downtown.  He’ll be supporting the “Pack and Ship” promotion from 10:30-noon. He’ll help you pack and ship your packages and there will be autographs and memorabilia just for coming by the store.So if you want to meet Joseph Addai, head downtown next Tuesday.  Say hi to the 18to88 crew while you are there.