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Graves buries SIU

The headline was so obvious that I can’t believe no one used it. Check out the video on this page. About halfway through, they finally show the amazing 35 footer AJ Graves nailed to beat the buzzer. That’s a serious big boy shot.

Demond mocks my love for Butler, but we grew up 5 minutes from Hinkle and our dad used to take us to Butler games. We’d sit near the court, and he’d heckle the officials. I always pull hard for the Bulldogs, but Demond still holds an IU based grudge because of some random badly officiated game like 7 years ago. Well, screw you man! GO BUTLER.

Demond Sanders: That game was last year, not 7 years ago, and it was a joke. I generally like Butler, but this latest incarnation gets on my nerves a little. Now that they have respect from the national media their small school schtick is wearing thin. Also, I am firmly against sports bigamy. I have one team in each major sport and that’s it. Colts, Pacers, Reds, Hoosiers, Fever, and Thrashers.