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Honoring the Great One

Today is a special day in which we celebrate Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey taking the first steps at breaking down an evil system that segregated the world’s greatest game. Take a minute to remember Jackie, and understand that no matter what race you are, he made your world a better place.

Players all over baseball wore number 42, the only universally retired number, in honor of a great man who left this world too soon, because as the author of Hebrews says, “the world was not worthy of him”. Check out this excellent discussion from ESPN, The Magazine (presented by ESPN, The Network) with some of the game’s leading AfricanAmerican players:


Thank you, Jackie. Thank you, Mr. Rickey.

In the spirit of not just talking but doing, check out the Master’s Academy in inner city Chicago. It’s an amazing endeavour to try and help kids whose life circumstances conspire against them, to receive the education that they need. Consider giving a gift in Jackie’s memory.