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Hung Over

I’ve had a great time writing for Cold Hard Football Facts this year, and today marks the final edition of the Monday Morning Hangover column that I contributed to. I want to say thanks to Kerry Byrne for giving me the chance to contribute.  I’ve paid him back by systmatically ignoring all the snarky stuff he’s written about the Colts recently.  I’ve decided to stop defending this team against every little slight because they are about to shut everyone up once and for all.

Sigh, I wish that were true.

Oh it’s true that they’ll win it all, but when they do, the media will just find something new to complain about.

Anyway enjoy the last Hangover of the 2009 season.  I’m sure you’ll miss such gems as:

The Browns and Jags are like two ships passing in the night, assuming both are the Titanic and their offenses are icebergs.