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I can’t help but feel…

that the Yankees just made a huge deal. Listen, I know he isn’t what he once was (now that he’s off the juice), but Pudge makes a difference in a pitching staff. Remember when the Rangers were good? It was a long time ago, but Pudge was running things. He was absolutely the man for the Marlins, and his arrival in Detroit pushed them to the World Series. Now the Yankees have him. Maybe this is just more classic Yankees-acquiring an aging veteran who is over-paid, but Ivan Rodriguez feels like the kind of guy the Yankees used to bring in at the deadline in the late 90s. I have no stats to back this up; I freely admit it. The AL East will come down to the wire though, and I like Yankees chances with Pudge behind the plate.
ESPN revists 10 deadline deals. #5 says what I’ve said here many times (only they left out the huge break in salary the Reds got)