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I hate my team.

No, not that teamthis one.  At a time when the team agonizes over where it can find a right handed hitting left fielder who could instantly turn the team into favorites in the Central and shoot a lightning bolt up the ass of its fanbase, the management of my beloved club has instead decided to ask the kids, “Do you like the rock and roll?”  Says exec Karen Forgus,

“I didn’t want a jingle, I wanted a little music that set the mood,”
Forgus says. To her, “Paint The Town Red” sounded young and modern,
much like budding Reds stars Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce.”

You know what sets the mood for me?  Watching Jay Bruce hit 30 points higher because Manny is hitting in front of himThe song is fine, but if I wrote a number for the Reds it would be called..


My brother in law sent me this.  It’s nerd-riffic.

Talks with Hayden aren’t coming along, and Polian is using the F-word for Kelvin.  That clears up the Colts intentions.  Hayden is really good corner, and with MJax coming off a serious injury, you almost have to sign Hayden.  Polian also says it’s totally possible Marvin comes back.  I think you almost have to find a way to bring him back (at a lower number).  The cost of cutting him is still pretty high.