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I Told You…He Is Good

After my incessant hand wringing over the state of Joey Votto for the last several weeks, many of you may have doubted how important one player could really be.  One guy  actually laughed when I said he was better than Aramis Ramirez.  Last night, just two days off the DL playing in his home town Toronto, Mr. Votto single handedly carried his team to victory.

Votto was 4-5 with a double, two singles, and the go ahead home run to give the Reds the lead after they blew a 5-1 margin earlier. 

He’s clutch.  He’s good.  He’s back.  For the all the time he’s missed, the Reds sit just 3.5 games back of the Cardinals.  Now that he’s in the line up every day, it’s time for the Reds to make a move heading into the break. 

Can anyone tell me who is passing around  88 Reasons to Hate the Pats again?  The comments and my inbox are filling up with crazy Pats fans again. 

Here’s a nice piece on the two Pike boys.  I’m crushed the Pacers passed on Vaden.

The Pacers draft is scored well

Simmons is on to something when it comes to the Pacers.  Our dad, a 55 year old white guy, is strongly considering buying Pacers season tickets for the first time ever.  Psycho T may sell tickets.  He hasn’t been this excited about the Blue and Gold in a LONG time.

Prisco goes with 18 at #1 (and Freeney at 18).  Listen, right now (not discussing all time) there is no debate.  Manning is the MVP.  Brady is coming off of knee surgery.  Any one who flips these two right now is crazy.

This guy hates on Hansbrough, because Blair was still on the board.  Blair was STILL on the board at 37.  Hard to take that kind of analysis seriously.

Here’s an awesome look at how the camera angle affects the viewers’ perception of balls and strikes.

Brackett and Tarik Glen make FO’s list of the 25 most underrated players this decade. AV made the list as overrated.