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I’m no Faulkner or Eliot…

but I can still churn out the stream of consciousness when necessary.

It’s hard to run a football centric blog in the offseason when you root for a team that seems to take great pride in never having anything of note happen. Maybe we’ll do a piece next week on who the Horse looks to snag with those three 6th round supplemental picks! Or not.

This piece is pure revisionist history.
All I heard at the time was that the Chargers loved the chance to pick Leaf, and the Colts had just blown the biggest pick ever. The Chargers traded UP to get Leaf, the single worst pick in history. Let’s not make poor Bobby B the victim here. Still the article was interesting because of the Polian quotes about the workouts with Peyton and Leaf. I had never heard that Manning worked out better than Leaf. That makes the pick look like even more of a slam dunk.

I gotta say that I realize it doesn’t matter much, but the fact that the Pacers are trying to finish strong is cool. I feel like it’s 1987 all over again and Stipo is driving in for a layup against the Knicks to put us in the playoffs. That came up short, and so will this, but the effort is nice to see.

When is a tough 10th inning loss still cause for celebration? Two words: Johnny Franchise. It’s true, I have Cuetomania. I spent a long time last night wondering when the soonest I could drive the 4+ hours to Cincy just to see him pitch.

I am not going to change my opinion on Corey Patterson no matter how many clutch 8th and 9th inning homeruns he hits. Principally, because I’m terrified I’ll jinx him and secondly, because all this proves is that he shouldn’t be hitting leadoff. Note all these have been solo shots. Still, I’m not sure whether I should be rooting for or against him making me look like an ass.

I must say the words, “This team can’t hit” at least 3 times a game.

Finally, a personal note to the Colts Girl. We are so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in our prayers. I’m sorry this note comes at the end of such a run of triviality.