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Indy Star Goes Camping

Ok, I’m cheating a bit. Instead of dropping these three pieces into the links the sidebar, I’m making a post out of them.

Part of the reason is that they signal a return of intense Colts coverage by the Indy Star.  It’s a great return to boot.

To kick off, check out Mike Chappell talk about the difference between this and last year because Manning is healthy.  It’s a typical well written piece by Chappell and is full of great interview quotes.

Then slide over and read Phil B. Wilson’s 5 Keys to Colts Camp.  Why do we love Phil B so much? Three reasons:

1.  He’s there every day asking the tough questions AND does a weekly look at the game tape.  How could we not love that?

2. He was nice to us.

3.  He’s insightful.  Check out this quote:

Perhaps an equally compelling question is what will the Colts do for depth at receiver with Gonzalez moving up a notch? Pierre Garcon and Roy Hall are hoping to show they can be third receivers, but both are untested. The Colts may go more with two tight ends, which in addition to Dallas Clark means more of Gijon Robinson, Tom Santi and Jacob Tamme.

Wow.  Good analysis, Phil.  We’ve heard that theory somewhere…

Finally, if you plan on heading out to Terre Haute to check out the camp, be sure to read Phil’s tips first.

In other news from the Star, Brown’s been slotted, so we should all expect him to be in camp.

Pretty much the only absence this weekend was Kravitz, but he’s been busy covering the US Senior Open (which is a huge deal for the city, and yet one more sign that if you love sports, Indy is the place to live).