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Indy was the #2 most injured team in football

This is important, so it goes on the front page…

Everyone who thinks we whine about injuries too much, take note. Indy is 2nd in Adjusted Games Lost this season.  AGL measures games lost due to injury as well as the overall effect of nagging injuries that players play through.

Speaking of the Colts, it’s pretty clear that the Polian Era consistently results in injury rates higher than the league average, likely owing to the team’s strategy of fielding an undersized, quicker defense. Fortunately for Indy fans, the Polian Era also has given them a team that drafts better than virtually anyone else in football, so there’s not the dropoff that often comes for other teams with injuries. Since 2000, the only time the Colts have had an AGL figure better than league-average is 2005, when they went 14-2 and had the best point differential of the Polian Era.

Indianapolis topped the defensive injury charts for the second time in three years, with five defensive backs, three linebackers, and both defensive ends missing at least two games.

No team has to consistently deal with the quantity and quality of injuries that the Colts face every year.