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Life in the Edge

Hooray and huzzah for Edgerrin James. He’s got a job for this season, signing with the Seahawks.  This is wonderful news for a couple of reasons:

1.  It means Edge is coming back to Indianapolis.  I fully expect him to receive nothing but the very warmest of welcomes from the faithful at the Luke.  Edge is a Colt forever, and I’m sure the fans will greet him happily.

2.  It means Edge has a serious chance to boost his Hall of Fame resume.  Edge needs 618 yards rushing to pass Allen, Faulk, Brown and Dorsett on the all time list.  He’s just 1541 out of the top five all time.  Obviously, he won’t get that this year, but if he grinds out two seasons he could.  In the HoF for football, players don’t “go in as” members of one team or another.  Still, if he should make it to Canton, there will be a sea of blue and white supporters there for him.

While Edge has been gone long enough that we can be happy for him to return, there is still no word on Marvin Harrison.  Other than the quickly squelched rumor about the Titans recently, there has been little movement on the Marv Watch.  Now would be the time that he would sign if it’s going to happen.  Training camps have ended, and if he doesn’t sign soon, he’s unlikely too.  Perhaps if a contender has a serious injury at WR, he could sign during the season, but it would be unlikely that he could have much impact.

I wish Harrison the best, and I could have lived with him playing in Philly (just like the only other team I could ever be ok with Manning playing for is New Orleans), but the longer this goes on, the more I hope Marv retires having only worn blue and white.

UPDATE:  Of course no sooner do I post this than PFT begins anew the speculation that the Titans might be interseted in Harrison.  There is no evidence for the claim other than the Titans have injuries.

With Washington on the shelf and wideout Chris Davis cut by the team after being arrested for DUI last week, maybe the Titans will renew the dialogue with Marvin Harrison that Fisher denies ever occurred.

I seriously hope this doesn’t happen.