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Living in special times

Here’s a bevy of links starting with a very fun one from Cold Hard Football Facts (see guys, I can play nice!). They look at why Manning vs Brady is the best QB rivalry of all time. I would have liked to see how Elway and Marino stacked up on the list as well, but I don’t remember them playing in the playoffs that often, so it probably wouldn’t have rated anyway. No matter who you think is better, everyone from a Southie to a Hoosier will agree that the NFL is better than ever because we get to watch these two go at it. Can you believe that realignment robbed us from TWO Manning/Brady games every year?
ESPN ranks the fan bases. Indy? A middling 16th. I’m not arguing.
Don Banks makes his predictions. Um, don’t you need a QB to win it all? I’m not convinced the Chargers have one.
Finally, thanks to my buddy Chad for this oldie but goodie from SNL. It has no relevance. It’s just funny.