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Loose links

Don Banks is unnecessarily confused. I’m not sure why he would have a tough time understanding the Colts’ coaching situation. People are way too worried about down the road. This year, 2008, the issue is settled. If Tony comes back in ’09, which no one expects him to, then there will be an issue. Let’s burn that bridge when we come to it.

ESPN has a goofy list of the best QB performances in the Super Bowl. It’s dumb crap that I don’t really want to get into.

Last night on PTI, they were ranking the play of the QBs this post season. The idea was to show that Eli Manning has been the best. I’m not going to argue with the point, but as he rattled on he came to Peyton Manning who he described as “throwing for 400 yards, but was shaky“. And that’s why I’ve stopped watching TV. Ok, Wilbon, whatever. I’m not sure why I’m passing that story along other than Demond thought it was funny and said I should.

Sarah from Terre Haute wants everyone to vote here. To the Zombiemobile!