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Mail Bagging

Cleaning out my inbox today there are several cool things that I want to call everyone’s attention to.

First, Robert I sends us this incredible link from NFL Films.  This is a MUST WATCH clip about the friend ship between Howard Mudd and Titans’ D-line coach Jim Washburn.  Just an incredible video.

Secondly, I got an email from Hans Steiniger who is trying to visit all 31 NFL stadiums.  He made a return trip to Indy to take in the Luke.  He has a great write up about his day with the Blue Crew and seemed to really enjoy the Luke.

What struck me as most impressive about the Lucas Oil Stadium gametime experience was the crowd. The 12th man at Lucas Oil Stadium is easily top three in the league. Like many others throughout the NFL, they’re a loud, raucous crowd that supports their defense each time they take the field, supplying a wall of disruptive noise to force mistakes and confusion by opposing offenses. But what sets this crowd apart from the rest of the National Football League is the respect that’s paid to All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning. Each time the Indianapolis Colts offense takes the field, the crowd silences allowing Manning and the Colts offense to work in an eerie noiseless environment … and I mean complete quiet. I could actually hear a camera shutter going off as a woman in the section over took photos.  She had to be forty feet away!  It’s as if the entire crowd takes a breath when the Colts approach the line of scrimmage. I really didn’t even feel comfortable talking to the guy next to me while Manning was under center, and I was in the last row of Section 613!   People seriously spoke in hushed tones during Colts offensive possessions, but as soon as the ball was snapped it was a completely different story, as this crowd springs to life with each exceptional play.

Moving along, there’s some really exciting news from Bloguin about our site.  Bloguin has developed Iphone Apps for some of the bigger sites, including 18to88.com.  You can get the app for the Bloguin main site here.  The 18to88 was supposed to debut today, but the logo had to be redesigned because it had a horseshoe in it and couldn’t get approved for copyright issues.  Hopefully, we’ll be up and running in the next few weeks.  The app will allow you to easily check up on everything 18to88.com related from your IPhone or Ipod touch.  The next generation (hopefully coming early next year) will enable mobile commenting as well.  The best news of all…the App is FREE!  We’ll keep you posted as to when the 18to88 App goes live.  There will also be Android applications for you non-Apple users.

Lastly, we’ve been blessed with some excellent photos from the official “drunk uncle” of the 18to88 family, JC the Pats Fan.  He attended the Pats/Dolphins game this past week and sends us photos along with this story:

I was so wasted by the time I got into the stadium that pretty much after that is a blur.

I will, however, send DZ a picture shortly that I’ll hope he’ll post, showing a Dolphin Fan who my crew provoked being arrested after throwing a punch at my chick.

I just sent DZ a picture of me WITHOUT my normal Memorial Day Tren/Deca stack.

I’ll kill EVERYBODY who reads this blog in a cage match. EVERYBODY.


I blacked out the face off the offender because I don’t want to get sued, and because I’m auditioning for a job as a face obscurer for COPS.  Back in the old days (ie the 1990s), there were more fights and arrests when the Dolphins came to the Dome than any other fanbase I remember.  One of my most vivid memories is of some drunk in a Marino jersey getting hauled out of RCA on a stretcher with a bloody and wearing handcuffs.  You stay classy, Miami.