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Manning is Athlete of the Decade

Hell yeah!  Tip to BBS

Our pick’s memory of the decade: “We made Indy a football city. The Super Bowl was the culmination of that, and I hope we’re not done with that. But over the decade, it’s been something special being a part of that. When I first got here we sold out the first game (against Miami), but I think the fact Dan Marino was playing had a lot to do with that. Now, you’ve got a waiting list for season tickets, and many of the quarterbacks that I’ve talked to—whether it’s Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Donovan McNabb—tell me this is the loudest place they’ve played. That in itself is a powerful statement. And just look at the jerseys (in the stands). Everybody’s got numbers now, and they’re ours. People are talking about the Colts all the time.”

For the record, we purchased our season tickets before the 1997 season (we were using our grandparents tickets for years and years before getting our own.