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Manning has knee surgery…yawn.

Yeah, so you never want to hear that your franchise QB just had knee surgery. I’m sure this is probably no big deal, and if anything reduces the possibility that something horrible will happen in the preseason. In fact, if there was ever an argument for the uselessness of preseason football, this is it. The Colts are basically saying, “Sure, wait till the last minute so you can have a reason to ensure that everyone who pays for preseason tickets will spend the whole time checking out the new digs at Lucas Oil and not have any reason at all to watch the field.” Manning is expected back in 4-6 weeks, basically just in time for the last preseason game.
Sigh. It’s SORGI TIME!
God bless you, Hambone. That was some kind of night. You may be gone, but I’m still wear your jersey.
Demond Sanders: Hambone is something else. After homer #10 last night I called DZ and told him I think we (the Reds) may have traded Babe Ruth. 18 home runs later I’m pretty damn sure of it. I like his game so much it almost doesn’t matter he’s not in Cincy any more.