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Moore and Mudd Back Soon

The Indy Star is reporting that Mudd and Moore should be back soon, and in their same or similar roles.  Both coaches are expected back in time for camp in August.

Mike Chappell of the Star stated:

Jim Irsay confirmed Saturday evening the two long-time assistants, who
retired last month because of concerns with the NFL’s pension program,
are eager to resume their roles on coach Jim Caldwell’s offensive
staff. Moore had served as coordinator and Mudd as offensive line coach
since 1998. They won’t have the same titles, but will perform similar
duties to what they’ve done in the past.

Also of note was the revelation that this was largely Jim Caldwell’s call, thus squashing previous notions by some that Caldwell was forcing out the two venerable coaches.

Obviously, this is good, if not totally unexpected news.  As long as there are clear lines of responsibility in place, this is a great thing for the Colts.  If, however, responsibilities and a clear chain of command are not firmly established, it could be a disaster, but there is no reason at all to expect that.  Once again, it seems that calls for Manning to embrace change were premature.  Jim Caldwell still has a bit of a tricky pass to maneuver in setting up job descriptions and responsibilities, but one that is aided by the respect all parties have for Moore and Mudd.  Not once did it ever feel to anyone like Christensen and Metzelaars were positioning themselves inappropriately for the promotions.  Assuming everyone continues to act with deference and professionalism, this will be in the best interest of the Colts in 2009.


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