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Donald Brown is a Colt


1.)  So the Donald Brown era begins in Indianapolis.  We like this pick.  Unlike a wide receiver, it helps immediately.  We love Joe Addai, but he is 20 carry per game back.  The Colts need a second back who can take 8 to 15 carries a game.  This kid can catch and block, two musts for a Colts back.  When Jerry went off the board we thought BP might go this way. 

2.)  I think the Colts are going to be a very good team again next season.  This pick signals to me that Polian and the coaches see the line problems as correctable.  Investing in the running game is smart.  Some will spin this as an indictment of Addai.  I don’t buy it.  I’d say it’s more of an indictment of the depth behind him.  I’d be suprised if Addai isn’t the starter again this season.  I think it is way too soon to bury him as a bust or a misfire.  He was amazing his first two seasons and helped win a Super Bowl.  He gets a pass from me for playing behind an inept line in 2008.

3.)  Brown led the nation in rushing.  Love it.  Polian is a sucker for on-field production.

4.)  Pittsburgh takes DT Evander Hood of Missouri.

5.)  King Richard of Stampede Blue is a tool.

DZ Comments:

I’m thrilled with this pick. You can basically take my justification for taking LeSean McCoy in the 2nd round two days ago and apply it to this pick…only Brown is better.  Again, I don’t think this says as much about Addai as it does about Hart and Ball.  Indy was at its best with a two back offense with a good pass catcher/blocker in both spots.  This is a great pick.  If the line can get its act together, this team will again be a top flight offense.  I suspected the Colts might go running back from the begining, and with Jerry off the board, this was a great pick (note that I always held that Jerry and Moreno had little chance of being around at 27).


The Colts surprise no one with their second round pick of Fili Moala, DT from USC.  They traded up five spots with Miami to land the player they wanted.  A very unsurprising, but very satisfying pick.