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Just wanted to let everyone know that we have new stuff up on the main page. First off is a list of five common misconceptions that certain haters like to trot out about the Colts. We’ve tried to list pretty definitive answers against such nonsense like: Tony Dungy is a defensive coach who rode the shirttails of Manning, Dwight Freeney is a liability against the run, and Peyton Manning choked every year before 2006. Check it out and wow your friends!

I’m really pumped about the second article. The next in our on going “18 Q’s series” is with Star beat writer and blogger Phil B. Wilson. He did it up right and gave tremendous answers to our questions. Personally, I’ve raved about his work many times here, and found his stuff to be really interesting.

Stop reading, click the link, and then come back. I want to interact with several things Phil mentioned, but it helps if you read the interview first…

Ok, back? Great…
Questions 3 and 17-Phil is dead on. The print model of ‘wait until tomorrow morning to read what happened’ isn’t going to fly. Oddly enough, most papers already have the best asset they could hope for to win the digital war. They have dedicated, experienced, reporters who know the teams they cover. 50 years ago, what happened during the game was an issue, now, everyone knows what happened. ‘What does it mean?’ is the question that has to be answered. By letting reporters blog and opinionate on things, papers can draw readers to their websites. These are the guys that know the team best, so their opinions are interesting and insightful. I read ESPN and SI just like everyone else…I just makes sure I read the Indystar.com/colts first. The Star and it’s reporters are better plugged in to THIS team than even greats like John Clayton.

Question 10-Buy groceries and get Jags tickets…siiiiigh. It’s almost too easy to mock them…

Covering an NFL team is a hard core full time job. I hope you all enjoy his thoughts as much as we did.