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One word about the Collie PI call

I’ve had to listen to bizarre whining about the pass interference call in the final minutes that gave the Colts the ball at the 15.  I’ve heard JC complain.  Bill Simmons whined incessantly.  The idiot ‘Pod Vader’ on ESPN’s Football Today Podcast complained nonstop that the call was terrible.

Having just watched that play about 10xs, let me just respond by saying:

Are you people insane?

1.  It was on first and 10.  It did not “keep an Indy drive alive”.  It was a 30 yard penalty.  Big, but not huge.

2.  Collie had two hands on the ball.  It was not a ‘wild, uncatchable’ ball.

3.  The DB CLEARLY grabs Collie, and almost pulls his jersey off the shoulder pad.  It should have been holding, but they missed that call.  When you watch the play, watch Collie’s jersey almost come off his shoulder.  That was a mugging.

4. The DB clearly hip-checks Collie before the ball arrives.

This was a simple, obvious call.  Not only was it not a bad call, it was an easy call for the officials.

Find something else to whine about, people.