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Pierre Garcon: On the rise

Normally, I wouldn’t put this on the front page, but the FO numbers for WRs through week 12 are out, and they confirm what we’ve all seen the last couple of weeks:

Pierre Garcon has been playing well.

Specifically, his DVOA (the per-play rating of how above or below average a player is) is up to -0.8%.

In essence that means that for the year, Frenchy is an average NFL wide reciever.

Why celebrate that?  Because for most of the year he has hovered around -15% (15% worse than an average NFL wideout).  For him to get his yearly total back to virtually zero means he’s been playing very well for a couple of weeks now.  His catch rate is up to 53% (after bottoming out at 47%).

Garcon has been great in back to back games, and his play is clearly on the rise.  I’m very happy for him.