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Powers Highlighted on Cover-3

Cover-3 takes a look at young corners today, and focuses on Jerraud Powers

It’s getting a front page link because:

1.  It’s good

2.  It’s relevant to this past Sunday’s game.  In the piece, Doug Farrar notes:

In talking to Powers, I was struck by differences in defenses. It’s my impression that with the Colts and other teams that frequently play no-blitz zone out of a lot of four-man fronts, the defense is about discipline and assignment-correctness and not trying to do too much, as “boring” as that sounds. Perhaps man-heavy, multiple-front defenses rely more on specifically outstanding athletic performances, though “doing your job” is still the primary focus?

I know the secondary had a rough day on Sunday, but some points need to be mentioned again.  Without stepping too much on 18 Plays (recording tonight), the Broncos hit a lot of big plays for a few reasons:

1.  Melvin Bullitt failed to help his corners multiple times.

2.  Some plays were made because corners were too aggressive.  There was one where Powers went for a pick on third down.  Had he just played straight and made the tackle, Indy would have gotten the ball back anyway.

3.  Denver has some talented WRs.

Orton’s big day was similar to Arian Foster’s.  While the LBs played over aggressive against Houston and allowed big runs, the corners played over aggressive against Denver and allowed big passes.

The good news is:  it’s fixable.  The other good news is:  Indy corners (Hayden, Lacey and Powers) all made multiple great plays in coverage on Sunday.  It’s a talented bunch.

A little more discipline and a little more help from the safety, and everything will be fine.