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Live Blog: PreSeason Game 1

1.)  Great to hear Don “Fish” Fischer calling a game for a football team who doesn’t suck. 

2.)   My parents call to report that the view from our seats “looks better” this year.  I’m not in attendence for personal reasons.  Hope no one tries to bring me a beer.

3.)  Oh Sage Rosenfels… how I’ve missed you. 

4.)  They’re hitting early… I love you football!  I love you so much.

5.)  Touchdown Vikings.  Lots of flukey conversions on that drive.  Looked very familiar.

6.)  Ugoh is… at Left Tackle.   Johnson is out.  Hmmm.

7.)  Stretch play.  Addai is cash money. 

8.)  Another sack. 

9.)  The line looks horrible. 

10.)  A drop by Garcon on third down.  Barf.  I think Peyton’s day is over and done.  Thank God.  Lots of problems by the line in that drive, most of them from the new guys.  That O-line sequence will be worth replaying after the game.  CJ would have made a big difference… on the right side. 

11.)  Chester Taylor for big yards. 

12.)  What a play by Tim Jennings to break up the pass.  Beauty.

13.)  Rosenfels looks comfortable in the middle of the field.  Vikings fans are loving it… all the while forgetting that it is Sage Rosenfels.

14.)  We’ve entered the portion of the game where we will learn very little about the 2009 Colts. 

15.)  The D gets a stop on a drop by Rice.  They’ll take it.  The Colts D seems to never change.  Lots of long drives, but they seem to get better as the game goes on.  It’s preseason so I’ll stop pontificating. 

16.)  Hey.  I learned something:  Donald Brown is quick as hell.  And suddenly the night looks a lot better. 

17.)  Donald FLIPPING Brown.  Sure it’s the second stringers, but the kid has it.

18.)  I hate Purdue.  Painter shows us… absolutely nothing.  But, again, I hate Purdue.

19.)  Now let’s take a look back at the Colts first offensive series of the game.  Here’s how the starting lineup was presented by channel 4:  Corey Hilliard at LT, Lilja at LG, Saturday at C, Pollak at RG, Ugoh at RT.  In reality though, Ugoh came out at LT and Hilliard at RT.

20.)  Peyton’s first sack of the game was entirely on Hilliard at Right Tackle.  He got juked out of his shoes by the defensive end.

21.)  On third down it appears Lilja gets beat, but Peyton manages to convert to Collie. 

22.)  Peyton’s second sack was partially good coverage, but it appears Lilja and Saturday fail to block one tackle between the two of them.  Their man ends up making the play.

23.)  Peyton’s third sack (on the very next play) is caused by Hilliard getting beat badly.  Ugoh gets driven backwards, but keeps a strong grip on his man who manages to put a hip into Peyton.  Hilliard gets the holding call (declined). Just a terrible sequence. 

24.)  Overall Ugoh looked like himself.  Not brilliant, but competant.  Probably a decent LT if the rest of the line is up to snuff.  But in 2008 that certainly wasn’t the case.