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Randy Moss: Sucker

Randy Moss signed a shockingly small contract with the New England Patriots. He’s taking $27 million dollars over three years, with guarantees of $15M.


It took Jerry Porter EIGHT SEASONS to score 30 CAREER touchdowns and he got $10M guaranteed from the Jags.


Randy Moss had 23 touchdowns last year. 23.

Marvin Harrison got $23M guaranteed four years ago. And the salary cap has gone up dramatically since then.


Adalius “bust” Thomas got the same $12M signing bonus last year, with $22M front loaded over the first two years of his deal.

Am I missing something here?

The contract is only 3 years long, so that is in Moss’s favor. But realistically this is it for him. He’s given up his last best chance to cash in. And frankly it all makes me sick. Remember, we’re not talking about Matt Jones here. This is a guy who changes everything for your team (provided your quarterback isn’t Andrew Walter). This guy caught 17 TDs his rookie year, giving Randall Cunningham his best year with 34 TDs against 10 picks. This guy made Daunte Culpepper look like an All Pro. This guy took Tom Brady, who had never thrown 30 touchdowns in a season, all the way to 50 touchdowns.

I probably need to let this go. I better go watch the Super Bowl again.

Update: Check out this hilarious piece from John Clayton. I love how Clayton thinks the fact that Moss got more than Jerry Porter was some kind of moral victory for Randy. And he almost got as much as Bernard Berrian! Take that New England! I guess “the professor” has been in the medicine cabinet again. But seriously, you have to admire Bill Belichick asking Moss to play for $7 million per season. He may be a megalomaniacal jerk, but he’s a gutsy megalomaniacal jerk.