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Reader Interaction

I’m considering installing a new commenting system for 18to88, but I want reader feedback.

We all sit in awe of the tremendous commenting features at Stampedeblue.  They clearly foster community and interaction better than any other system.

I’m considering switching 18to88.com over to a similar style system called Intense Debate For a sample of the style check out this blog.  I’m still not certain if it does the ‘live comment update’ that SB Nation has.  I’m trying to nail that down.  Still there are other advantages.

Among the upsides:

-Nested comments make it easier to track arguments

-Respond directly via email (gotta tell you, that sounds awesome to me).

-Choose to get email response to just your comment or to all comments in the thread

The negatives:

-It would obliterate all old conversations. I might be able to save them the way we saved the MVN comments though.

-Unless you already have an Open ID, you would have to reregister for the new service.  That’s a pain in the neck.

Any thoughts?