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Real NYG Scouts the Game
Andrew Furman of the Ultimate NYG gives us a look at the G-Men this week.  Check back there all weekend for great stuff on Sunday night’s game.  They are predicting a Colts win on Sunday.
Scouting report on the Giants.
(1) Defense:
You need to release the ball quickly to negate the Giants pass rush.  Singling Justin Tuck in pass protection is a recipe for disaster.  Umenyiora is more effective on a longer outside speed rush, so that is why releasing more quickly will keep your QB out of trouble.  Find your TE and RB against our LBers, because they are bad in coverage.  LBer is easily the weakest link of the defense.  Also, take advantage of our passive schemes in the secondary.  DC Perry Fewell has brought in a ‘read and react’ which means as long as Peyton looks off our Safeties he will have opportunities to thread the Cover 2 for open receivers.  Also, the Giants are playing less press, so if the Giants do not jam your receivers at the line, it will mean yet more opportunities for the Colts.
(2) Offense:
Without Kevin Boss at TE, things went from potentially ugly to just bad for the Colts.  You better respect the Giants offense as long as Kevin Gilbride is using play action, screens, draws and general misdirection.  His problem is that he does not use that enough, so play the run as the run and play the pass as the pass until proven otherwise.  Without a credible TE, exploit this weakness, ie Beckum (backup TE) is not a credible blocker, and Pascoe (just signed from practice squad) should not be respected in his first NFL game for blocking or consistent receiving.  Beware of Bradshaw in space.  The Giants WRs are amongst the best (collectively as a group) in the ENTIRE NFL.  Hakeem Nicks is a second year WR who got 6 TDs in 2009 and got 3 last week in one game.  Steve Smith is a Pro Bowl WR who consistently runs excellent routes and Manningham is dangerous (tremendous breaks out of his routes) if he holds onto the ball.  Attack the LG Rich Seubert, he is the weakness on the OL, as he was victimized last week when he was not pulling.  So all else equal, the Giants should be running with more success to their right side, and play that accordingly.  LT David Diehl is vulnerable to the speed rush.
(3) Special Teams,
Just do not commit any penalties and you will be guaranteed great field position all game.  The Giants’ special teams are terrible.  Punter Matt Dodge will be good for at least two quick liners with no hang time, so make sure your returner plays up so that he can get it w/o the bounce.