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Reason #624 to Love Edge James

Our love fest with the Edge is well documented.  Today, Jim Trotter gives another look into how Edge handled his benching this season.

I’ve said it before:  I really want him to get that ring.

 I would also love for him to come back to Indy before it’s all over.

Well, I guess the “Brady is gay” jokes weren’t really appropriate.  He’s just…ewww.

This dude is AWESOME.  Or scary.  I’m not sure which.  More troubling than the fact that he just got through security so easily is that I just linked to a Rick Riley piece.  Yikes.

Have I mentioned the FO Poll? Yeah?  Oh…

Check out this awesome new archive of sports radio interviews from around the country.  This link takes you straight to the Colts page.  It’ll always be on the sidebar for future reference.

The guy shot in the Harrison case is officially a convicted liar.