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Shocker: The Pats have no class

Leading 38-0 with nine minutes to play Tom Brady is still in the football game. He’s going deep and winging the ball all over the field. It’s fourth and 1 from the five yard line and Brady is motioning that they should go for it. Really? Because you do know that you’re up 38 points. . . Across the field Joe Gibbs wears an astonished look on his face. A hilarious mixture of fury and wonder.

Brady QB sneaks for the first down. He then throws a touchdown to Wes Welker to take a 45 point lead. The Patriots finally pull the offensive starters, but they continue to the throw the ball with backup QB Matt Cassel.

I am stunned at what I just saw. Did I imagine this?

UPDATED: Mike Freeman of Sportsline.com weighs in on this issue. Interesting stuff. I love how the Pats act so confused about what the proper conduct is in this situation:

When asked about the two fourth-down plays specifically, Belichick said: “What do you want us to do, kick a field goal?”

Well, yeah. When did that become a crime against humanity?

“It’s 38-0,” he added. “It’s fourth down. (We’re) just out there playing. (We’re) just out there playing.”