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Sign My Life Away

We had a great time at Buckets in Fort Wayne last night on the Estell Walker Show.  It was awesome to meet several loyal 18to88 readers.  I can’t tell you what an encouragement it is to know that so many of you are invested in the site and in Blue Blood.

I tried to comfort Jean who confesses she still wakes up in a cold sweat at night terrified that we picked Ryan Leaf 12 years ago, and the Peyton Manning era has all been a lovely dream.

Don’t forget, I’m going to be downtown today,  from noon-2 pm I’ll be at Teapots N Treasures at 7 Market Street (almost right on the Circle).  The owner, Donna, has books on sale now, so if you are downtown, stop in and say hi. The nice thing about this signing is it’s extremely chick friendly, so impress your wife or girlfriend by saying you are taking her to a down town antique store for a book signing.  By the time she figures it out, it’ll be too late!