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Slooooow News Day

Whenever there is nothing going on, the media has to reach for something to talk about.  Today SI shows their desperation for content with a ‘scintillating’ discussion of everyone’s favorite party topic:

Brady or Manning

This time, there’s a twist!  It’s who will have a better 2009.  Four writers share their thoughts on the topic, beginning with Don Banks.  He favors Brady to have a better season this year because:  The Patriots have ‘reloaded’ with Joey Galloway and Fred Taylor.  He doesn’t directly answer the Manning/Brady question, but basically says the Pats are a better team, so he picks Brady. 

Jim Trotter thinks Brady is the better QB “hands down”, but picks Manning for a better 2009 because Brady is coming off of major knee surgery.  (head shaking)

Ross Tucker picks Brady because of his new ‘toys’ (old pals-emphasis on the old-Fred Taylor and Joey Galloway) and because Manning lost Harrison and the assistant coaching problems.

Greg Lewis calls the offseason additions “even” remembering that the Colts added Donald Brown.  He rates the coaching situation in favor of Brady (fair enough) and the schedule in favor of Manning.  Finally he calls the fight for #18 because of the injury issue.

Let’s pretend that this is an interesting topic and not just wild speculation for a second.  If anyone picks Brady to have a better year than Manning, there is only one reason to do so:

Brady has Randy Moss.

To this date, that remains his one and only advantage.  Claiming that retreads like Fred Taylor (3.9 YPC and only played all 16 games twice in his whole career and not since 2003 despite playing in a two back rotation for the past 3 seasons) and Joey Galloway (13 catches, 128 yards…FOR THE SEASON in 2008) are going to elevate Brady to some stellar 2009 is actually insult to Tommy.  It’s silly (but understandable) why someone would think losing 88 would hurt Manning, but believing that Galloway is supposed to help Brady (so much that everyone saw fit to mention him) is crazy.  

Personally, I think the issue comes down to three things: 
1.  Tom Brady has had exactly one year in his entire career with a passer rating over 93.  It’s reasonable to expect a severe drop off from 2007, even if he does play well.  2007 Tom Brady is the gross exception to his career, not the norm.
2.  Tom Brady is coming off of major knee surgery
3.  Peyton Manning was the league MVP last year with one of the worst offensive lines in history, no running game, and with Marvin Harrison aging before our very eyes.  So much went wrong for the Colts in 2008, but Manning was incredible.  There’s almost no chance they face the number and degree of injuries (including to Manning) they did that season.

To pick Brady in this matchup based on anything other than Randy Moss possibly being the most unstoppable weapon (when motivated) since Jim Brown, is patently insane.

Cortland Finnegan says 87 is the best WR off the line