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Stating the obvious

It should go without saying, but just so we are on the same page:  I will be rooting hard against Josh McDaniels.  He is about to join our list of most hated NFL figures which includes the sad likes of AJ Smith and Jack Del Rio.  Here’s why:

1.)  He’s young.  At 32 years old there are dozens of more qualified coaches.  No big deal, but it’s a little annoying.

2.)  His past associations

3.)  It is great to see so many of BB’s former assistants wither on the vine. 

4.)  He’s an arrogant clown.  No matter what you think of Jay Cutler it is clear that McDaniels actions have hurt the Broncos. 

5.)  Crap like this.  The media is blatantly aiding the damage control effort?  Makes me sick.  Also, I just lost a little of my (already limited) respect for Brady.


“Listen up pal, I can be just as big of a tool as you.  Bigger even.”