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Taking home a prize

Great article on what memorabilia Colts players treasure

Wide receiver Reggie Wayne caught 11 of Manning’s then-record 49 touchdown passes in 2004. He has a unique item to remember it.

“The only thing I have is a poster of all the guys who caught a touchdown pass from Peyton, it’s like a collage, the year he broke the record,” he said. “Everybody who caught a pass from him is on that collage, from Marvin Harrison on down to James Mungro. Everybody has signed it. Me, Marv, Stokley, Mungro, everybody.”

The group includes tight ends Dallas Clark and Marcus Pollard.

“The funny thing about it is the person who is not on there, Edgerrin James,” Wayne said. “Edgerrin had a chance to catch the 48th, and he sent Mungro into the game.”