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Tea Time

Yesterday, I had a book signing at Tea Pots N Treasures just off the circle.  Donna Yarema, owner, had a table set up up outside replete with free samples of her personally blended teas.  Her incredible staff then scoured the area, informing every living soul that I was there to sign books.  I’ve never had such a warm and enthusiastic reception in my life.  I can’t believe how hard the girls worked pushing the book.

Donna had blended a special blueberry based tea, and was offering samples in honor of Blue Blood.  Listen, I’m not a tea drinker, and I don’t even like blueberries, but i have to tell you that this tea was legitimately incredible.  Donna’s shop is at 7 East Market, and I strongly encourage you all to stop by.  She has over 500 blends of tea for sale as well as a wide variety of gifts.  She also has a few signed copies of Blue Blood as well.  So, if you don’t manage to get your autographed copy before I leave for Argentina, you can always check with Donna to see if she has any left.

I had a great time meeting some long time readers.  Together we commiserated about the agony of the Super Bowl.  For those who came out to the three signings now, I can’t tell you how much you’ve all encouraged me.  For one, it’s a relief to see how ‘normal’ 18to88 nation is.  After meeting a solid cross section of my readers, I can definitely say that if you are an 18to88 reader, you can be comforted by knowing that you are part of a community of intelligent, professional adults.  We all know the stereotypes about blogs and blog readers aren’t true, but they persist anyway.  I found it immensely gratifying to meet so many gracious and passionate fans of the Colts in the past few weeks.  This may sound weird, but it’s given me a measure of confidence in my own work.  If cool people like all of you are reading, then we must be doing something right.  I can’t thank you enough for that.

This was the last formal event for Blue Blood.  I’ve been work hard (too hard) on my vacation.  I plan on spending the next several days relaxing.  I’m heading back down to Cincy tomorrow for the Reds game.  I hope to make it to Anderson next week as well. I’ll let you all know what day I’m going to be there (my best guess is Wednesday). I also plan on attending the signing of Dungy’s new book at the Barns and Noble in Carmel next Saturday. I’d be more than happy to meet you or sign a book (I always have copies with me in the car) at any of those events.  So if you see me, don’t be shy.  You’ve seen my face, but I don’t know yours, so it’s on you to come over. I’d love to meet you, so don’t worry about bothering me!

It’s been a great few weeks, and yesterday was the perfect end.  Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Donna and the girls!  Head over to Tea Pots ‘N Treasures.  You’ll have a great time and won’t regret it.