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The Hall should boycott him

Ah, so Barry Bonds doesn’t want to be part of the Hall of Fame if it accepts his asterisk laden 756 ball? Big fricken deal. He shouldn’t be in anyway.

Everyone complains about Pete Rose tarnishing the game, but what Pete did 1. had no affect on actual game outcomes and 2. had no bearing on his career as a player. Pete should have been banned for life, and from the Hall as a manager (not that he could have gotten in on that count anyway!), but his role in baseball as a player was never questioned, and thus should be in the hall as a player.

Bonds on the other hand…CHANGED GAMES AND SEASONS BY CHEATING AND BY BREAKING THE LAW. Let’s all be adult here. No, he never failed a test. Neither did Marian Jones who endured OLYMPIC LEVEL TESTING constantly. She passed every one. And guess what, she admitted she was doped to the gills by the same exact people that drugged up Bonds. Innocent until proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt isn’t a moral code, it’s a legal standard. The ‘moral’ standard as set by the ‘Judeo-Christian ethic’ is the testimony of multiple witnesses. Bonds may not be legally guilty (yet), but I do believe there has been more than enough evidence and witnesses for the public to know what happen. Even OJ beat the courts (sort of), and there is little question that he killed his wife (another court using different standards even said so). Should Bonds go to jail without more evidence? No, of course not; a man’s freedom is too valuable to take away without overwhelming proof. That doesn’t change what we all know happened and what has been repeatedly and regularly documented (thanks San Fran Chronicle).

Bonds doesn’t belong in the Hall, and I would love it if he didn’t show up. He tarnished the game far deeper than Rose did. His cheating endangered lives and altered history.