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The Red Zone: A Football Fan’s Best Friend

I have one inviolate rule on 18to88.com:  be honest.

I mention that because you all need to know that I got paid to write this article.  You also need to know that I would have written it for free. By the way, you’ll want to read to the end of this article…

We are all Colts fans here.  When the Colts are on, that’s the game we are watching.  Unfortunately, the Colts are only on once a week.  For some reason, the league has seen fit to have at least three other slots where there are games on that don’t involve the Colts.  This happens every week.

Evidently, people like to watch football even when Indianapolis is not playing.  Go figure.

I’m a channel surfer.  I love to watch as many key games as I can.  I’m tracking fantasy players, taking notes for my new column on Cold Hard Football Facts, and generally enjoying any close game.  A few seasons ago, I shelled out the big money for the NFL Sunday Ticket.  During the Colts games, I was glued to one channel, but afterwards I would browse other games.

A funny thing happened, though.  No matter how many games were on, I always wound up back at the first the channel in the tier.  It was this new channel called NFL Redzone.  The idea was that they flipped the channel for me.  The Redzone forever altered the way I watched football.  The stayed focused on the best games.  If a team got inside the 20 yard line, they cut to that game.  They showed multiple games in split screen.  They never went to commercial breaks.  If there was a big play in a game they weren’t covering, they’d cut straight to the replay.

The Sunday Ticket offered me tons of channels.  I only ever watched one.

The NFL Redzone.

Since then, I had stopped shelling out the exorbitant fees for the Sunday Ticket.  It just didn’t make sense, I was only watching one channel.  When I heard that the Redzone channel was available on other cable systems APART from the Sunday Ticket, I did a dance.

The NFL Redzone channel is the greatest channel in the history of mankind. When I was approached about writing up the Redzone, I laughed.  I was planning on doing that anyway!  Redzone is so good, that every serious NFL fan simply has to have it.

If you are a Colts fan living in the Indy market, there is no reason to shell out hundreds of hard earned dollars for the Sunday Ticket.  All you need to do is dial up Dish Network and get the Redzone Channel.  With your subscription to “America’s 120 Plus” on Dish Network for just 29.99, you get either Fox Sports Chicago (Cubs and White Sox games) or Fox Sports Ohio (almost every Reds game…I get this and it rules) depending on where you live in the area.  In some cases, you might get both.  Everyone gets Fox Sports Indiana which means Pacers basketball all season long.

Then for just SEVEN dollars a month ($7.00, 700 pennies), you can get a special tier that includes: NFL Redzone, NBA TV, NHL TV, Big 10 Network, and ESPN Classic all in high definition.  Seriously.  For seven dollars you can not only the only NFL channel worth having on Sundays, but all the Big 10 sports you could want too.  Dish Network is stone cold hard to beat. Even if you only want Redzone, you can always cancel the tier at the end of the season.  There’s actually a free preview of Redzone coming up next Sunday (the 19th), so if you get set up this week, you can take immediate advantage.

Dish Network has free installation for up to 6 rooms, free HD for life, and DVR available with a $6 monthly lease.  If you’ve been considering spending a lot of money to sign up with DirecTV just for football season, think again.  Call up Dish Network and get the Redzone channel instead.  You’ll save hundreds of dollars and get just about the same amount of NFL action.  Plus, Indianapolis area residents get all the Colts’ games all year long on Dish Network anyway.

Get Redzone. You won’t regret it.  Contact the guys at DishIndy.com today and tell them that 18to88 sent you.

The first person to sign up for a new Dish that mentions 18to88 will win two tickets to the Colts/Chiefs game.