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They really do matter…

I realize that telling Colts fans how important the undrafted free agents are is a bit obvious, but just in case anyone out there doubts it, check out this list from SI of the best pickups of the last decade or so (you can go back to see AV’s picture with the Pats). I started you in the middle of the list for reasons that will be obvious when you see the picture. Also, check out this article about what the guys who don’t get picked go through.

Mike Chappell also had a great piece on Marcus Howard. Mathis was also a 5th rounder, so this is an exciting pick. You have to figure that with his speed, Howard will be a good special teams player if nothing else (that’s actually how Mathis made the Pro Bowl). In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion this kid will end up being better than at least one of the Jags first two picks.

FO has their annual draft poll out.

Here’s one more draft evaluation I didn’t see earlier. (fixed)

I can’t wait for the season to start.