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Thomas blows knee

Nothing like starting the injury train early.  3rd round pick Kevin Thomas blew out his knee las weekend and might miss the whole season.  I actually was passed this story this morning, but could not find any independent confirmation of it until the Colts released their statement.  Apparently Gil Brandt had the story last night.

This is obviously a great disappointment.  Let’s get a couple of points clear:

1.  A blown knee is a bad break. It has NOTHING to do with a player being injury prone.  Unless a player has a specific history of injuries to that particular knee, you can’t draw a straight line from any prior injury to a popped ACL.  That’s silly.  Some injuries have nothing to do with a player’s toughness or history.  They just happen.

His injury list from college was:

Freshman year: Mononucleosis.

Sophomore year: sprained ankle, broken foot

Junior year:  Shoulder (redshirt)

He played every game in his final two seasons.  That history has NOTHING to do with a blown knee.


2.  This doesn’t mean Thomas was a bad pick.  Does anyone remember Brandon Burlsworth?  He was the Colts 3rd round pick a decade ago.  The young man was killed shortly after the draft.  That wasn’t a bad pick.  It was a tragedy.  This is obviously not to that level, but it is still tragic.  Unfortunately for Thomas and the Colts, it means we may never get the chance to judge if it was a bad pick or not.

3.  We still need another corner-Ray Fisher?  Who knows.  This was a big loss because the Colts were thin at corner and were counting on SOMETHING out of Thomas.