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Thursday Links: Whitlock Hart the Colts

Big Sexy chimes in with his 10 Truths for this year. He loves Mike Hart (who doesn’t at this point), and thinks the Horse will take home the Lombardi trophy (an opinion I obviously share). I think he overstates the decline of the Pats who will be in contention as long as Randy Moss is on the field. Without him, I think they become just another team, but Moss + any vaguely competent QB=record setting potential. He’s just that good. If he gets hurt or bored (both are possible), then who knows. He also slams the Jags, which always makes for good reading.
Of course he also picked Ball State to play in a BCS bowl, so who the hell knows what he’s been smoking.
Several members of Footballoutsiders.com will be signing books in Indy on September 9th. He’ll be autogrphing ProFootball Prospectus at the Barnes and Noble at IUPUI. Head on down and pick up a copy.
Jayson Stark throws up an interesting scouting report on Dunner and a damn critique of Dusty. What does it say about the Reds that Dusty is still better than several managers they’ve had this decade. He may not be any good, but he’s no Bob Boone (or Ray Knight). Sigh, I’m seriously about done with baseball. I’m dreading going to Wrigley next week.